Production Manager and Designer


Touch Bass, Risa Jaroslow & Dancers - Culture Vulture

"Jack Beuttler’s cool lighting help[s] throw figures into relief" - SF Chronicle
Salve Regina, PunkkiCo

"the dancers cut striking forms and silhouettes in the shadows." - SF Chronicle

Les Vérités, dawsondancesf

"…all set on fields of pale lavender or purple, to set the mood,

amply assisted by Jack Beuttler’s lighting. " - SF Classical Voice

Ifigenia in Aulide, Ars Minerva

"Controle pulls no punches….A riveting Gesamtkunstwerk with art by Alice Malia,

sound by Aaron M. Gold and light by Jack Beuttler." - Claudia Bauer
Controle, PunkkiCo

"The attractive lighting was the work of Jack Beuttler." - SF Chronicle
"Excellent lighting and video was provided by Jack Beuttler" - Exploredance.com
Splinters In Our Ankles, GERALDCASEL DANCE

"... enhanced by Jack Beuttler’s evocative lighting." - SF Chronicle
Resist/Surrender & 4 Solos: A Dialogue, Risa Jaroslow & Dancers 

"Lighting by Jack Beuttler is atmospheric..." - Bay Area Reporter
Ruddygore, Lamplighters Music Theatre

Top 10 Dance Moment of 2011, SF Chronicle
"ROMP's Jack Beuttler chose the square as a basic format. Both modulated the idea to support the choreography to excellent effect." - SF Bay Guardian

"...lit evocatively by Jack Beuttler and exciting from first moment to last." - SF Chronicle
Ocean, Dance Theatre SF

"Mood-heightening lighting by Jack Beuttler also is noteworthy, especially since the storefront windows are left undraped so passersby can sneak a peek." - Marinscope
Landless, AlterTheater